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Environment graphic design | Interior and Exterior Branding Design

What is Environment Graphic Design?
From Hoverfly Design, based near Norwich, Norfolk UK

Promotional brand design for physical spaces, promotions, wayfinding and information systems

Environment graphic design (EGD) covers all aspects of signage, wayfinding and surface graphics for interior and exterior display and information systems. This is used in commercial and service environments where branding design is applied to provide information and visual stimulus to an environment. This can be for a singular building or city wide directional signage and information design. EGD applies to semi-permanent and permanent display and can be used in things like transport infrastructure, commercial retail shops, corporate office environments, public service environments, and as experiential design to enhance visitor attractions, including information display and map design. It is an extension of brand design as an aspect which is applied to the environment.

We can provide one-off projects for feature wall graphics and signs, right through to comprehensive wayfinding systems and building and environment visual identity.

Our experience

We have worked on interior branding schemes for cafes, shops and care homes, through to designing transport infrastructure signage, information design and wayfinding systems. Including, corporate building signage and display. We have years of experience in designing unique graphics and signage systems from concept through to full production handling and installation. We work with a wide network of specialist manufacturers to deliver a full service for your environment graphics need. Which means in simple term we design graphics for buildings inside and out, through to nature trail and public rights of way to provide information and brand communication.

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What we offer

The list of environment graphics is extensive here are a few of the things we offer:

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