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View online our Hoverfly terms and conditions of business

Terms and conditions of engagement for services provided by Hoverfly Design Ltd. These are correct at the time of publication and subject to future revision.

1. Our Fees:
Jobs will be quoted up front on an individual basis and will only be commenced upon written approval of estimate and/or receipt of 50% deposit. Estimates are valid for 30 days. Our minimum fee is £10.

2. Provided content:
Where a client provides written or pictorial content we will assume this content is finalised. Amendment to this content after supplied, if required, will be charged at our art working hourly rate of £25 per hour.

3. Artwork and Intellectual rights:
All our artwork and intellectual property rights can be transferred to client on request without charge. We currently use Affinity Publisher for art working which is presently available to purchase at approximately £50 licence with free updates. We can provide you with links to purchase the software. If you have a requirement for artwork to be created in different software please discuss this prior to commencement of your project.

4. Proof Checking:
All content must be signed off by the customer. Full responsibility for any errors in content, written or visual, lies solely with the customer and Hoverfly Design Ltd does not accept any liability for errors which may occur in production, unless we are specifically asked to provide a proof checking service, which can be quoted in addition on request.

5. Print buying and handling:
Hoverfly Design Ltd offers a print and media buying and handling service, to include delivery of artwork to printers/suppliers and proof checking (please note this checking will be limited to checking of printers proofs against signed off artwork). Where commissioned to do this a fee will be charged and we will use our wide network of suppliers to obtain the best value and quality for your product. Where a client undertakes to buy print or media directly themselves, Hoverfly Design Ltd will bear no responsibility for any dispute arising within the production process.

6. Partially completed projects:
When customer approval has been given to proceed on a project and a client elects to stop a project prior to completion, time will be charged up to that point at our standard hourly rate. Our time is recorded on our production software system for each specific job and a client will be billed up to that point if a project is put on hold. Our maximum stop time on a project is 30 days, after this time we will issue an invoice to bill-to-date and payment will need to be made, whether our client chooses to continue the project or not. Should a client elect to pick up the project again in the future, we will complete the project and issue a final bill for any outstanding amount.