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Custom Logo Design
Bespoke company branding

What is custom logo design?

Custom logo design is bespoke and unique graphics that are designed from scratch and provided for your visual brand identity. The graphics created have been devised through the mind of the designer to create something that is one-of-a-kind for your logo. When you are recruiting a designer be sure to ask them if their design is 100% custom made. Some designers use portions of clip art or stock imagery to generate logos. That’s not our practice at Hoverfly Design. Or they may copy ideas from another source making small changes to create subtle differences. Neither practice is great if you want to protect your brand and have a unique identity. This may not seem immediately a concern when you are starting out but you could find it difficult to expand and may suffer a legal challenge if your identity is sourced from a common space or copies and existing look.


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What is a vector logo? And why you need it...

A vectorised logo is made in software that uses vectors or curves, rather than square pixels which use a photographic digital process. Examples of pixelated images are jpeg, png, gif, or a photoshop file. Vectorisation means that the logo has transparency and can be dropped onto any background avoiding an unnecessary white box around the logo. A vector logo can also be blown up to large format sizes without loss of quality. Which is the opposite of a photo file or digital pixels. Vector is also a required format for cut-out signs, embroidery and other specialist types of printing. Some PDFs use vector images, but typically the file would be in a .eps, .svg or .ai format. If you are having a logo designed you should always ask for vectorised format versions of your logo as well as digital formats. A skilled designer will understand the need for these formats and provide them. As we live in a digital world there’s a danger that this knowledge is missed as some designers have only digital experience and are less used to handling print and production, therefore vector art may not be in their offering for logo design. It’s wise to check this out before commissioning.

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All our work at Hoverfly Design is uniquely crafted to create individual brand identities

We provide fully custom logo design, bespoke and created from scratch to ensure a unique identity for your brand development schemes.

Many low-key designers use clip art or online tools to develop logos, which means you end up with a logo that can be easily replicated by other companies because the rights to the logo are held within the clip art. There are lots of online logo creator tools that do just that. They allow you to pick a font style and/or an icon that is generic, and the problem with that is that your business identity is not unique and can be copied by competitors. There are cheap options out there to get you started with a logo, but your logo will soon come unstuck as you discover that your business looks like lots of others and you have no way to protect the design.

With our design work, you have full rights over the design once we received payment for our work and you can then register your logo to further protect your brand.

We believe hand-on-heart that our service is one of the best you’ll find in the UK for value, experience, quality and design, we are hard to beat. Each of our designs are tailored to your businesses unique requirement. With 25+ years experience in the design industry we know how to achieve great results!

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We have a range of pricing options available to provide you with transparent pricing upfront. Click the link below to view our pricing. Costs are fully inclusive, we are currently not VAT registered so no VAT to add on.

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