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Carrutaco Energy Wordpress Website
Design & Build

Bespoke Wordpress website designed from scratch

The goal

Create a strong and professional, flexible design, WordPress website

Carrutaco Energy required a bespoke and responsive website design for their new company. We provided a unique, tailored design to create a clean and professional look, using the WordPress platform to give the client a comprehensive content management system (CMS). The site was built with stacks of flexibility to allow it to expand and adapt as the company grows.

Service used: WordPress Website Design



Bespoke WordPress Themes uniquely designed to maximise your brand exposure

The Carrutaco website project was designed from scratch. As Hoverfly Design had created the company branding, the transition of the brand to a website was a smooth process. We create initial visuals as flat designs and discussed each stage of the project to gain approval prior to proceeding to the development stage. All our bespoke sites are built to order. We create our own themes within the WordPress platform to give you control of your site through a comprehensive content management system (CMS).  We provide training to use the CMS and build our sites with future adaptability in mind. All our sites are fully responsive and we design for different platforms, such a mobile, tablet and large format separately. This means the site isn’t one size fits all. We create the site individually for each platform. To find out more about our process with our  WordPress Website Design page.

The creative web design concept

Part of this creative project was to pull out key facts and highlight the main points visually. As this was a new company there wasn’t loads of textural content to add in at the start, so it was important to use visual devices to draw out the key facts of the sites offering. We created an icon style and produced diagrams to make the site more visual as well as providing re-touching services on some of the imagery to enhance the look. The design is clean and contemporary to create a modern and corporate approach.

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